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Project Description
This SharePoint web part will display the list of all site collections the current user currently has access to.

By default, the web part will display the site collections available in the current web application (i.e. the web application to which the current site belongs to), with links that match the current zone of the web application.

You can however configure the web part to display site collections in all web applications in your farm by checking the following box in the web part's tool part:

However, there are some restrictions:

1. The site collections will only appear in the application pool's identity of the current web application has db_owner permissions on all the content databases of the other web applications or if all web application pools run with the same identity.

2. The links to the site collections will point to the urls available the default zone, not in the zone the user is currently browsing (since there is no way to know whether that zone is available on all web applications).

Note: This web part was originally designed for Extradium for SharePoint, our state-of-the-art FBA product (, because we recommend our customers to create a branded, anonymous login portal and secure (non-anonymous) site collection for each of their partners, customers, project...

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